Our Commitment

Running our business has an effect on society
We acknowledge that running our business has an effect on society. In particular, we have a responsibility to our clients, our employees and contractors as well as the broader community in which we operate. We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and encourage a positive contribution towards improving standards for our clients and employees, minimising our impact on the environment and improving the quality of the local community.

We are committed to delivering a high level of service to all our clients. We understand that our business exists in a very competitive market and in order to retain our clients we need to deliver a professional and courteous service. Wherever possible, we take steps to promote equal opportunity in relation to access to the legal services that we provide. We take account of the diversity of the communities we serve in order to ensure that, subject to funding constraints, our services are accessible to all clients. We have a Treating Clients Fairly Policy which can be found in our Office Manual.

By putting CSR into practice, we are committed, wherever possible, to: • Conducting ourselves responsibly and in an ethical manner • Creating a positive and supportive working environment • Supporting local communities • Improving service levels to clients • Acting fairly in our dealings with suppliers and other third parties • Minimising the impact on our environment.