Client | Newham Welfare Trust
Project Stage | Full Construction

We were commissioned by the Newham Welfare Trust to complete the masterplan design for 1400sq.m cultural space including a cultural centre, retail primary school, and residential units. This project forms part of a new infrastructure programme in the Syhlet region of Bangladesh.  The project is now completed.

The project is inspirational, because it fell aside a plot of land where a new road was being built to provide better transportation, and this development would provide a central place for the families and visitors from the surrounding eight villages to commune.

Also, with the new infrastructure, meant new trade, the retail and cultural facilities, were incorporated as a provision of jobs for local people, to sell products and arrange events and activities.

The main architectural aspiration from the perspective of my company in the participation of creating the masterplan design for this project, was the engagement with the Bengali Culture, and the capacity to incorporate this direction of design as the proposal.

The religious practices, eating activities and celebrations, were all aspects we took into consideration when providing spatial planning and amenities that would work well together.

The Construction Method was to incorporate local resources including materials and labour, as well as construction systems.   Brick masonry was a plenty, and was the main construction material of choice.