Simone de Gale ARB RIBA - Founder and Chief Executive

Simone is a Chartered Architect, qualifying at the Architectural Association. Her grandfather was an Architect, and her family work in construction in London. At 10 years old, Simone knew she would become an architect. Simone is the driving force behind our company and continually shapes innovative path forwarding tectonic of architecture throughout London and Internationally.

Simone de Gale is a revolutionary Architect and her style is founded on working from a set of theoretical and mathematical principles, developing our projects into an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition of form and material. Our innovative use of these classical rules of Architecture inform direction, distance, timing and use of Space. We embody an ethos connecting directly to the original Architect, Nature.

Silvia Madonna - Architectural Assistant

Silvia studied in Italy, Architecture at the University of Reggio Calabria and graduated in 2017. She is ambitious and is design motivated with good organization skills and meets deadlines very well.

Silvia has worked on the modelling and rendering of the Didi Dighomi Mini-City proposal, taking views and materials to create a beautiful vision.

Alisia Patanisi - Architectural Assistant

Alisia has both her masters and bachelors degree in architecture. She studied at the University of Reggio Calabria and specialises in multiple residential and luxury homes design.

Alisia continues to develop her theoretical thinking about residential design and implements her knowledge into our schemes.

Reza Hasan - Chartered Accountant ACCA

Reza is a Chartered Accountant and is registered ACCA. He oversees all our finances and transactions for the company, developing our systems along with our long term vision for the business.

Abdul Kadam - IT Operations

Abdul oversees all our IT systems and technology. He advises on new ways of performing our work and works with our strategic vision to create new IT structures in order to deliver our work and manage our internal systems.
The company is based in Belgravia and work on projects throughout Central London and Internationally. With a Team of designers and consultants, the business has the capability to take on a range of projects each with its own tone, pace and deliverables.