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Simone de Gale Architects


Based in the exclusive Belgravia district of London

Our style is grounded in mathematical principles; each of our projects explores the architectural principles of rhythm, pattern, and repetition.

We develop and master technologies that drive innovative and sustainable design practices.

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Belgravia, London


Europe and Asia


They love us.

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of work and the turnaround time for deliverables. We have a good healthy communication, and we feel very comfortable to discuss all matters of each project and to take advice from the company in regards to critical decisions for the project.

Omega Group

Simone de Gale Architects explores "rhythm, pattern and repetition" in the built environment...Award Winning Simone de Gale Architects is a London-based practice that works not just in building and interior design, but has also developed new material technology for the military and secured a masterplan project in Tbilisi, Georgia.

DeZeen Magazine

Winners of RIBA council election announced...Simone de Gale...among the victors. Eighteen architects have been named as the winners of the RIBA’s other election, for seats on its council.

Building Design

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