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Simone de Gale, is based in exclusive Belgravia, London, UK, whose style is grounded in mathematical principles; each project creates an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition through tectonic.  Winner ‘Architect of Year’ Women in Construction, Simone de Gale is developing its international portfolio, the first project, a £200m masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia.

As well as securing a large‑scale masterplan project, the company has secured other international projects; in Croatia, the Caribbean, and developing opportunities in Ukraine, Hong Kong and USA. Other projects include the London Hammersmith Flyunder feasibility, and a next-gen patented materials processing technique with the UK Ministry of Defence.  Simone de Gale headlined alongside Foster + Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects at the inaugural Architecture of the Future Conference in Kyiv, when over 1,000 delegates were in attendance for a keynote on innovative architectural practices in Construction.

The vision is not ever ours, it is always Yours.


Our Ethos

We work from a set of theoretical and mathematical principles, developing our projects into an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition of form and material. Our innovative use of these classical rules of Architecture inform direction, distance, timing and use of Space. We embody an ethos connecting directly to the original Architect, Nature.

Our Style developed over a number of years with most prominent project translating into a Masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia, which we are working with Georgian politicians and their largest distribution firm, the Omega Group. Our Spherical Art Gallery evolved into a next-gen Patented Materials Processing Technique, strengthening construction and manufacturing materials, working with Ministry of Defence UK and top universities.

Come on this Journey with us.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We acknowledge running business has impact on society.  We take responsibility for our clients, employees, contractors, and broader community.  We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and encourage positive contribution to improve standards, minimising environmental impact and improving quality of local community.

We are committed to high levels of service for our clients.  Our business exists in competitive markets and to retain our standards, we deliver professional and courteous services. We take steps to promote equal opportunity to access to the services we provide. We take into account diversity of communities to ensure our services are accessible to all clientele.

Let's work together.

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