The Legend Sky Mansions courtesy Skyline Builders

Kochi Skyline Luxury Apartment



STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Kochi, Kerala, India

For the desiring homeowner, a nature-inspired colour selection infused with luxurious traits form the main design concept within the apartment’s interior. This is evidenced in the Italian Armani brown tile finish with glossy touch. The palette of earthy and muted tones unite the apartment into a natural scheme while soft lighting and gold leaf details in the crystal chandeliers, tile trimmings and decor, brings a luxurious feeling into the apartment, elevating the home into a sanctuary.

Minimalist furniture and decor give this space a touch of the contemporary. Created by local artisans, the pieces form the centerpiece of each functional space. From round-edged sofas to dining chairs and coffee tables, this style was popularized in 60s modernism. Its interior comeback softens the harsh corners of the geometric structure and eases the sharp angles of vertical and horizontal elements.

This modern apartment home reflects its natural environment, extends into its natural environment while incorporating all the touches of modern luxury into an elegant sanctuary within Kochi.


The Legend Sky Mansions courtesy Skyline Builders
The Legend Sky Mansions courtesy Skyline Builders