STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Manjeri, India

The property incorporates a chalet style design, with the majority of the living spaces on the ground floor. This particular design enhances free movement within the home because of the open floor plan. The components of the home consist of; a verandah, dining area, kitchen, office area, family living, guest rooms, bedrooms, and formal spaces. The design of the home ensures striking views and enjoyment of nature throughout. The addition of two terraces on the first floor allows one to bask in sunlight and fresh air at any moment while looking down onto the main front yard. 

The homeowner required a space which was organic yet maintained stylistic interiors. The main element of architecture that meets the homeowner’s need is the double-height ceiling and atrium in the centre of the home; these features create a grand and open space. Beneath the skylight is the Puja space, this is a significant feature within Indian houses. It is placed in the centre of the home, acting as the core of the home, and is surrounded by plants which bring the outdoors indoors.

This home fully integrates with its natural surroundings, creating an oasis in the middle of Manjeri. While it is a modern house, the architects have combined it with traditional interiors such as the Puja and the Jali screen to design a home that does not stray far from traditional Indian architecture. 


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