Omega Mega

Omega Motor City


DEVELOPER: Omega Group

STATUS: Government Approval

LOCATION: Tbilisi, Georgia

The development is a series of varied building types in style and height, and also materiality. The development of the buildings, has established for new architecture tectonics. The uses of these buildings range from 5* luxury Hotel, Business Conference Center and Offices, Retail and Restaurants. Each building speaks of its own architectural language, but integrates to present an interesting and innovative masterplan for this area in Tbilisi. The total area of the site is approximately 26,000sq.m

In this proposal we regenerate the vacant areas, and extend the development to public realm, including facilities and uses where business people, families and children can come and spend time, and consume such uses as retail, conference and restaurants. The future long term aspect of the proposal invites thought to upscale at the front areas of the plot, which currently have one and two storey buildings.