Reflection Zone

Developer: Brooke House Sixth Form

Project Status: Concept

Location: London, UK

Simone de Gale Architects have created this state-of-the-art concept for a Student Reflection Zone in the heart of London.  The design informs a strong bold colour with an angled facade, for a stunning tectonic through form and function.  The reflection spaces are arranged on a ground and mezzanine floor with balcony overlooking social activities below.  The building is stand-alone from the existing buildings within a dynamic envelope, interesting aesthetically and erected with a black concrete façade on its elevation.  Intelligently cut openings form windows and doors which are sculpted to bring light and natural ventilation into the space.  The design proposal is well received, as just like its idiosyncratic appearance distinct from the strict and formal study life encompassed in the existing traditional buildings, the activities engaged are a parallel representation of time apart from studies, a “Reflection Zone”.