Reviving NPAK


DEVELOPER: UrbanLab – NPak

STATUS: Competition Entry

LOCATION: Yerevan, Armenia

The architectural concept is to preserve the original building and special architectural features, and then use an innovative approach to providing the space requirements, by adding a full height extension to the front elevation, which will provide a double height reception area and spaces for the workshops above overlooking the main street. There is a full height extension at the side of the building, which is cladded in light gold panels, and provides additional square meters for the meeting rooms and circulation spaces. A roof extension provides space requirements for the guest house, studios and artists residence.

The building in this context will also become an architectural feature and memorable in the field of design and recognition will be absolute. The building will therefore become a building with international recognition and interest and will be certain to cover press within the media and become a focus point for the local vicinity. People will travel from all over the country, and indeed the world to visit such an architectural beauty, and with the support of world class art exhibitions, will bring trade and tourism and further investment into the area.