Project Management

Our project management service allows for our clients to sit back and enjoy the construction process. We manage the contractors, consultants, suppliers, and regulatory requirements to ensure the project is delivered in a programmed process. We are in control of the budgets, lead times and quality of construction, adhering to our high standards and rigorous performance in coordinating timings and processes.  We go beyond expectations to deliver an excellent built construction for our clients.

Budget Management

The project management systems we have introduced for our clients offer high levels of oversight and execution. Through careful budgeting of projects, we can refine our strategy for the project accordingly.  Our budget management service enables us to manage the construction and set the project on the right trajectory for contractor and supplier engagement, and client responsibilities.

Design proposals are implemented on site with our chosen suppliers, manufacturers, and construction teams. We deliver a precise solution for our clients, enabling them to rest assured their project is delivered within the agreed budget and timeframe.  The delivery of our proposals on site enables further value-added processes to be implemented and fulfilled. These control measures provide cost transparency to maximise return on investment