Planning and Environment

Through our planning, we are able to deliver beautiful projects, transforming a building and its environment. Some of our largest projects are founded on planning schemes. Through these, we provide a service to our clients where we are able to take the cultural influence or character of an area and give it new life in the forms of new buildings, public spaces, and infrastructure. We work closely with our clients to understand their transformation goals, producing target numbers based on many different factors. We appreciate political factors, and use these to form a positive collaboration amongst groups which are involved in the project. We work with communities and develop a design which is likely to satisfy all our clients, as well as others involved in the project. Through our thorough work, we develop a scheme which is likely to gain frameworks, and later, approval with local authorities and governments. We provide our client with a deliverable scheme, then work with them to bring to life the designs we’ve created in our masterplans. 

Our aim in all cases is to build long term relations with our clients, communities and governments we work with, to ensure work is to the highest standard and delivered by a strong and consistent team.

Planning Process

We have 10 years of experience working with planning authorities. Over this time we have built relationships with London’s central boroughs, including City of Westminster, Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea, and City of London authorities.  Our Planning Service provides a detailed response to planning policies and processes according to the particular borough.  Each project has its specific requirements, spacing, and environment. Our proposals respond to the unique characteristics of the project in an innovative and robust style. We have developed tools and techniques to navigate the web of planning policies, helping our clients gain the necessary permissions from the authorities.

From the start of the project, we work closely alongside internal planning teams and case officers. This ensures our proposals are developed in line with individual requirements and specific objectives for each street, area, and district, to enable a smooth forecast of timings, factoring in external factors and new opportunities.