Simone de Gale Architects Interview with Architecture Is

Simone de Gale Architects would like to share with you our latest Interview with Taylor Grindley of Architecture Is.  This is the basis of our company ethos and the work we do.

At Simone de Gale architects, what is your design philosophy? At Simone de Gale Architects, our philosophy is ‘We will achieve your vision’. This is to take the Client’s desires and aspirations for a project and to realise their vision through understanding local planning legislation and building regulation guidelines and to inform the design through on-going discussions with planners and building inspectors.  In this respect, the Client can use Simone de Gale Architects designs to gain planning permissions and to construct their project on site in line with health and safety laws.
At SGA do you think there is more of a demand for sustainable and ‘green’ design? Simone de Gale Architects has recently achieved the Carbon Smart Silver Certification Award. This is when a company takes an intelligent step towards improving their carbon footprint. It means that we actively promote our green credentials and in doing so; it positions the company to encourage sustainable design techniques, construction methods and renewable energy technologies to our Clients. The demand continues to grow.
To be innovative and unique is a quality that many potential clients as well as university lecturers look for, how do you gain inspiration to influence your projects to become unique? I discovered I was a very good artist at the age of 9 years old. Since then, I have always spent time with creative people and built an understanding as to how to always veer towards new and innovative ways of thinking. I research world renowned designers, artists and architects such as Zaha Hadid, Olafur Eliasson, Norman Foster and Wassily Kandinsky. I have built a portfolio of oil paintings that has become more abstract and architectural over time, the style continues to develop and inform the company ethos.
We are all aware that sometimes budget can restrict an architects vision and the projects final outcome, is this something you have experienced, and if so how did it affect your design? We will always design within the Client’s budget. The vision is not ever ours; it is always the Client’s. In most cases, I will meet a Client and they have already thought of, financially resourced and dreamed of their project for a very long time before they even consult me. They have thought about pretty much, every aspect of their project and for them what the end result will achieve. It is our duty to share our expertise, our knowledge and our innovative thinking to realise the Client’s vision. As the Client’s budget increases, a project becomes exciting, because this is when we can share more creativity, more advanced materials, and more ingenious ideas with the Client. In all cases, we are only satisfied when our Client is satisfied. This is how we treat all of our Clients.  We love our work and we will achieve your vision.