Developments of our 160,000sq.m Masterplan in Tbilisi, Georgia

3000 new homes, a state of the art shopping mall, cinema, office and leisure facilities.

The elegance of architecture and space through time, creates a beautiful and graceful execution of building mass and facade fabrication.  The uniformity of structure and implementation of the architectural rules; Repetition, Pattern and Rhythm, presents a perpetual proposition, which will stand the test of time.

It is proposed to develop the site as a Public Business Zone 1, whereby in accordance with Tbilisi City Hall requirements, not more than 60% of the building site will be used for any one function. In this regard, we create a mixed use development which will provide residential buildings for the growing demand within the vicinity, as well as retail commercial (office) leisure and educational facilities. The site is a total of 160,000sq.m of empty site, which is currently allocated as an Industrial Zone, most part. The development is proposed, which will be in keeping with adjacent and surrounding sites, to regenerate this area in Tbilisi, as demand grows and the people of Tbilisi, explore different areas within this part of Georgia.

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